Kurt Scholle

I am a Digital Website Strategist helping clients increase their Return On Investment and make their websites more profitable and easier to manage.

For 25 years, my company and I have built hundreds of websites, both large and small ranging from EatAtScoobys.com to Tiger Tuesday education to the Downers Grove Chamber of Commerce (now known as Chamber 360) to the Chicago Architecture Foundation to Binny’ Beverage Depot to ChicagoWhiteMetal and AEC-Sterling Manufacturing.

My Course: Website Success Essentials

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Interests: Website ROI, Website Strategy & Development, guerrilla marketing, sales, search engine marketing, cooking, photography, NFL, red wine & fine dining

Online Appearances:

Change The World Marketing with Ellen Finkelstein.  Learn more about 3 Essential Elements of Website Success: Site Speed, E-A-T and mobile responsiveness.

Kurt Scholle College of DuPageAsk the Experts: Five Ways to Get Started with Digital Media – Paragon Laboratories
Best website practices for Optometrists 

Bacon Podcast: Killer Websites with Kurt Scholle 

Bacon Podcast: The Website Holy Trinity with Kurt Scholle

BlogTalk Radio: Traffic Masters Radio

BusinessLaunchPortal: How to Build a Social Media Listening Station

Change The World Marketing on Google Analytics

Kurt Scholle Metropolitan ClubSocial Media Panel: Metropolitan Club of Chicago
I was on a panel at Metropolitan Club talking about early examples of online marketing. Mana Ionescu of Lightspan Digital asked me to write a guest blog post about it.

Kurt Scholle Kishwaukee CollegeI’ve hosted numerous Meetups on Website Success and Digital Marketing, including the REV3 Innovation Center at Northern Illinois University’s Naperville Campus, Illinois Institute of Technology in Wheaton and Kishwaukee College in Malta, IL I presented on Facebook Advertising at Fox.Build.

Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems Instructor. NAMS 8 and NAMS 11

I chaired the Naperville Chamber of Commerce Tech Alliance for two years. Served as a mentor in the Mentorship Program.

I have reviewed hundreds of websites for members of the North American Celtic Trade Association‘s annual Celtic Marketplace. Also wrote several articles for their printed newsletter.

I was a featured reviewer for the MarketingWords.com blog:

Landing Page Review: Helping the Flow of Bliss Wine Imports


Landing Page Review: Innovative Laptop Charger Pre-Launch


NAMS 8Web Page Review: Art Pottery Site Gets Help with SEO, Mobile Design & Copy


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Web Page Review: Photographer’s Site Gets Conversion & Copy Suggestions


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Web Page Review: Best Move Forward.com


Website Review: iSiteBuild.com Design, SEO & Hosting


Named one of the Top 100 Web Developers on Twitter in 2013


Kurt @ WebAsylum.com 630 862-7049


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