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I created this list over time as a way to organize my bookmarks by the types of resources that I use on a regular basis.  I am familiar with most, but not all of the resources below.  This list contains website development resources and marketing support that have been recommended by people who I trust.  I’ve tried to establish a comprehensive list and would welcome your suggestions in the comments below.

Password Management

It is ESSENTIAL that you protect your site at all times – A hacked site can cost a fortune in time and money. Fortunately, it’s easy to use different hard-to-hack passwords, but only needing to remember one password to access your password manager.

Password cracking software can crack an 8 digit password in less than a day.

A general rule is that your password should be at least 11 characters and use numbers, along with upper and lowercase letters. That combination will take hackers 41 years to crack.

We recommend using LastPass to manage your passwords. There is a free version available.

Call Tracking Free service. Toll-free & numbers, voicemail and fax, scheduled call forwarding, record calls, conference calling.
Grasshopper: Toll-free or local numbers, get voicemail via email.  Manage online or by phone. Mobile advertising platform that delivers new customer calls to specified phones.  Track and analyze calls and manage ad campaign performance. Toll-free service, Call Me buttons. Call forwarding, track and record phone calls, text to speech. Call forwarding, tracking and analytics using local or toll-free phone numbers.

Click Tracking

Google URL Builder:  Part of the Google Analytics package. You must have analytics installed on your pages.  (Click on Analytics Help, then Tracking Basics, then Tool URL Builder)  (F)

PixelTrakk: Click tracking, conversion tracking and A/B testing.

Cloud Storage

Google Drive

Amazon Cloud

Apple iCloud Drive










Microsoft OneDrive





Course Development & Management

Bloomfire: Bloomfire is a knowledge-sharing tool with a 14-day free trial.  You can learn more by requesting a consultation. (P)

Moodle: Moodle is a free Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).  For me, it took a while to learn even with 2 people consulting me, but then worked fairly well. (F)

Ruzuku I don’t know much about Ruzuku, but friends have been talking about it and say it may be one of the easiest course-development solutions.  The isn’t much information on the site, but  you can request a consultation.

Domain Name Generators

Having a keyword-rich domain name is awesome, but they are getting increasingly hard to find because so many have been snatched up.  Domain name generators help find great domains, often by adding a verb or adjective to the keyword.  The following tools help you find awesome domain names. This tool helps look for hyphenated domains or by using a thesaurus.  Also has a list of soon to expire domains, which often have worth. (F) Adds a noun, verb or adjective to the front or back of a specific keyword. (F) Instantly checks domain name availability for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .mobi and .co. (F) An auto-completion domain search tool that can be filtered by Registered or Available status. (F)


Infographic Creation Create infographics and online interactive charts! (F)

Piktochart: Choose from 80 themes.  Free, monthly and paid subscriptions available. (F, P)


Integrated Internet Marketing Tools

OfficeAutoPilot: OAP is a business and marketing platform including contact management, payment processing, automated marketing, task management, affiliate management and direct mail printing.

Nanacast: Automate your entire online business including content delivery, customer management, membership sites, podcasting, billing, on-demand direct mailing and affiliate management.

Keyword Research Tools

ScribeSEO: Scribe began as content writing software and has evolved as a keyword analysis application.

Wordtracker: Wordtracker has a free tool with limited searches that many people find adequate and a premium version that estimates the number of organic searches for the previous 30 days.


Landing Page Generators

Some of these options do more than just create landing pages. Some WordPress themes include landing page builders.

Headway: Some people rave about the drag and drop ease of use. (P)

OptimizePress: WordPress squeeze pages, sales letters, offer pages, sales funnels, one-time offers and membership sites. (P)


Link Removal Tools

Removing spammy links to your site can help get your site back in Google’s Good Graces.

DeleteBacklinks: Interesting service that checks to see if you have links in their, sometimes spammy, network. (P)

RemoveEm: Uncover bad links, contact webmasters to remove bad links to your site, manage the campaign and notify Google.  **Something cool about this site: They have a backlink predictor tool on the Home page that estimates how many links may need cleanup. (P)

rmmov: Takes your list of questionable links and sends link removal request emails to the respective site owners and notifies you when that’s done. (F, P)

SEOGadget: Works with SEOmoz link information and Google Webmaster Tools to do link analysis of your inbound links. (F)


Link Research Tools

Ahrefs: Link tool that identifies and reports Referring pages & domains anchor phrases and anchor keywords, keyword ranking, anchor text. (F, P)

Open Site Explorer: One of the best tools for inbound link reporting of your site or a competitor.  Part of the SEOmoz suite of tools. (F, P)

Wordtracker: Wordtracker has a linkbuilding research tool with multiple options.

Link Tracking & Cloaking

LinkTrackr: Allows you to cloak affiliate links and get metrics on how often links are clicked.  Can be customized to use your own domain name. (P)

Magazine Templates

Elemis: Free to use in personal projects, these Photoshop files are available. (F)

MagazineTemplate: Subscription access for magaine designs, banners, sitemaps, etc. (P)

PrintNinja: Use them for print or PDF. (F)


Meeting Tools

Zoom: Free version is available. (F/P)

Join.Me: Instant screen sharing.  Free trial.  Subscription is monthly or annual. (P)


Membership Software and Apps

Membership site software is usually delivered as a plugin for WordPress.  Many of these vendors offer developer or multi-site licenses.  If you have multiple membership sites, consider setting up a default configuration that you can upload to new projects.

Amember: Unlimited membership levels, incremental content delivery, email management, affiliate program management. (F)

Digital Access Pass: End to end solution for WordPress or HTML sites.  Unlimited member levels, drip content distribution, supports live events and coaching programs. (P)

MagicMembers: Premium WordPress plugin with unlimited membership levels, works with many payment providers and autoresponders.  Allows free members to pay per  article or content.  Sequential course delivery. (P)

MemberGate: Multiple membership levels, shopping cart, affiliate management for websites and blogs. (P)

S2Member:  Manage multiple membership levels, including advanced User Import/Export tools, Coupon Codes, a Pro Login Widget. Use most popular payment gateways. Free version works with Paypal. (F, P)

Wishlist: Allows protected, members-only content at multiple levels, integrated payments, member management. Integrates with Infusion.



BiggerPlate: Mindmap templates you can download for free. (F) Free mindmap

Creately: Flowcharts, wireframes, mindmaps with Gantt chart and Visio-like views. Subscription based with free trial. (F, P)

FreeMind: This is one of the MindMap apps I use. (F)

iMindMap: The paid versions of this desktop app includes image libraries, presentation integration and password protection. (F, P)

iThoughts: Mindmapping for iPhone and iPad. (F)

MindJet: I’ve seen a number of recommendations for this free app.  They also have a paid version, MindManager, which works on iOS and Android devices. (F, P)

MindMeister Web based and integrates with iPhone, iPad and Android.  Integrates with Google Drive. 3 plans to choose from with free trial. (F, P)

XMind: Available as a free download and a pro version which supports enterprise, presentation and Gantt views.  Templates are also shared. (F, P)


News, Insights & Metrics

MozcastMozCast is a weather report showing turbulence in the Google algorithm over the previous day, 5-day and monthly, based on analysis of 1,000 keywords. The hotter and stormier the weather, the more Google’s rankings changed.


Online Ads & Banners

AdBuyer:  Buy traffic, re-target and search optimization.

SiteScout:  Online Display Advertising, Real-Time Bidding, Behavioral Targeting, and Ad Serving!

Solo Ad Directory:  Reed Floren’s respected site.  Buy ads on another marketer’s list.


Page Loading & Bandwidth Speed Checks

Loads.In: Allows you to measure how fast your site loads, using multiple browsers or from different companies. (F)


Photo/Image Editors

Pixlr: Free image editor with image grabber extensions for Firefox and Chrome.  Options include a vintage photo app.


PLR: Private Label Rights

PLRAssassin: Rather than just stock-pile a bunch of ready-made PLR products from years prior which have already been widely distributed, PLR Assassin only offers the hottest content, created by the most skilled writers and artists who together bring to you a phenomenal product which is ready to make you sales!


Popup Applications annoy lots of people, but the simple truth is that they work!  They’re great for building your list by capturing email addresses.  They can be set to fire at any time or if someone’s cursor moves off the page.  It is thought that Google may not appreciate them and your rankings could suffer if you use one.  If that concerns you, consider setting the popup to launch 30-40 seconds after someone lands on the page.

Pop Up Domination: One of the best! Includes analytics, A/B testing, page targeting.  Works with WordPress or standalone.  Works with email major players.

WPSubscribers: List-building plugin for WordPress.

Exit Splash: Website or WordPress popups. The initial popup is not blocked by popup blockers.

Welcome Splash: More than a popup, it’s a popup splash page. Claims higher conversion than popups.

WPLapDance: Devon Brown is a crazy guy, but this WordPress plugin gets good reviews!

Presentation Support

Powtoon:  Online drag and drop animation development.

Articulate Storyline: Create presentations and courses. Software or monthly subscription.


Privacy Policy Generator

Privacy policies are important due to FTC Rules, CAN-SPAM and other laws, rules and restrictions.  This is something you may want to discuss with a lawyer who specializes in online advertising.

FreePrivacyPolicy:  Trustguard’s easy-to-read, highly effective, custom privacy policy generator to keep you in line with various state and federal privacy laws and 3rd party initiatives. (F)


Proxy & Privacy

These recommendations come from a group I’m in.  Comments are from the members.

Hide My Ass: Free proxy to surf anonymously online, hide your IP address, secure your internet connection, hide your internet history, and protect your online identity. Great for cloaking your IP or country. (F)

Proxy Bonanza: Shared, exclusive or International proxies. You can have multiple Firefox tabs with different IPs. Auto-generated IPs or request specific IPs. (P)

Squid Proxies:  Shared or private proxies with monthly updates.  Recommended for multiple proxies. (P)

Your Private Proxies: Exclusive or anonymous. (P)


Online Payments & Fulfillment 

Stripe: Global payments, billing, invoicing.

1ShoppingCart: Ecommerce and list management.


Clickbank: This is a marketplace where you can post your products and your affiliates are automatically paid by Clickbank.

Infusionsoft: Considered the Cadillac of integrated list management and and payment processing. Expensive!

Office Auto Pilot:

PayPal: Accept or swipe credit cards. Create invoices using a computer, tablet or smartphone.  Multiple currencies.

Premium Web Cart:


Project Management Tools









Screen Sharing

Join.Me: Screen sharing, Internet calling, send files, multi-monitor, chat, presenter sway, meeting scheduler. (F, P)

ScreenLeap: Share your screen with any device with a browser. (F)


Solo Ads

Buy ads that are distributed on somebody’s email list.

Safe-Swaps: Buy and sell solo mailings.

Solo Ad Directory:  Reed Floren’s respected site.  Buy ads on another marketer’s list.


Stock Photography

I cannot stress enough how important it is to own a license or be absolutely sure you have permission to use an image on a website or blog.  Please understand the terms of use! If the owners come after you, it could easily cost $1,000+ per image!  We’ve primarily used iStock and recommend them, but they’re getting a little pricey, so we’ll be looking into others.

123rf: Photos, vectors and video for download. (P)

CanStockPhotos: I haven’t used these guys, but they’ve been recommended quite a bit lately, especially for low prices. (P)

Crestock: 3 ways to pay; Pay & Go, Subscriptions and Credits. Also has a celebrity section. Starts at $1. (P)

DepositPhotos: Royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vector images.  Per image, free trial and subscription pricing options.  (P)

Dreamstime: Free and royalty free photos. (F, P) Not the biggest selection but one of the original sites.

Getty Images: Stock photos, videos and music, including news photos and footage. Some royalty-free options. (F, P)

iStock: A good source of photos, vector illustrations, video and music.  Also allows you to save media under consideration to ‘lightboxes’ you can share with others for consideration. Popular. (P)

Kozzi: Photos, clipart, vector and videos. (F, P)

MorgueFile: A morgue file is a place to keep post production materials for use of reference, an inactive job file. This morgue file contains free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use. (F)

PhotoPin: Free photos for bloggers and creatives. (F)

Pixabay: Free images for personal or commercial use without attribution. (F)

Public-Domain-Image: Copyright-free images. (F)

Shutterstock: Photos, vector illustrations and video. Good selection of celebrity photos. Subscription pricing and ‘lightboixes’ available. (P)

StockFreeImages: Free images but paid plans for enhanced access. (F,P)

StockXchng: Free images. (F) (F)

WikiMedia Commons: Images, drawings, animations, symbols, maps and sounds.

Another way to get the rights to an image is Image Exchange, which helps you find licensors of images.


Survey Tools

Kampyle: Feedback analytics for sales, marketing and support for websites, apps and ads. (P)

SurveyMonkey: Collect data via weblink, email, Facebook, or embed on your site or blog.  Paid versions allow for customized forms, export options and custom re-directs after survey. (F, P)


Transcription Services

Fox Transcribe: $1 a minute, 48-hour turnaround, 98% accuracy.

Speechpad: As low as $1 per minute, based on turnaround.  They have an option that replaces the “ums” and “ahs.”


Video Coding & Distribution

Handbrake: Open sourced, multiplatform video transcoder compatible with Mac, Windows, Apple TV and Linux.

Replay Telecoder: Record Skype audio and video chats, local/remote webcam on PC.  Applian also offers a suite that includes additional options.

Vimeo: Upload, share and discover amazing videos using a variety of platforms.

Wistia: Video hosting and analytics.


Video Creation Tools

Animoto: Create videos using photos, videos and music.  Paid versions also allow HD format, downloads and have music libraries to choose from.

Powtoon:  Online drag and drop animation development.

VideoScribe: Create engaging animated videos quickly and easily, without technical or design knowledge. 7-day free trial.


Video Players

EasyVideoPlayer: Embed “Buy now” buttons, opt-in forms and overlays to sales page videos. Amazon S3 integration and analytics.

LeadPlayer: Opt-in boxes and calls to action integration. Works with YouTube.


Website Optimizers

Optimizely: Split testing, multi-browser support. (P)

Visual Website Optimizer: Split testing (A/B and multivariate), heat maps, usability.  30-day free evaluation. (P)

ZenTester: A/B testing.  Heatmaps. (F, P)

Website Security and Malware Scanners

Sucuri Site Check & Malware Scanner; Sucuri SiteCheck scanner will check the website for known malware, viruses, blacklisting status, website errors, out-of-date software, and malicious code.



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