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Discover Your Dream Clients!

How Knowing Your Target Personas Improves Your Website Conversions

I’ve said for 20 years or more that Website Success has two key components: Content That Converts and Qualified Traffic.

I’ve added a third key component; Knowing Your Target Personas! You almost always have several Target Personas, people who could use your products or services, but may not know your name.

You need to understand your overall market first, then drill down to define their age, gender, occupation, location and needs, at the very least.

Way too many people make the mistake of saying that they’re selling to everybody. If you’re selling to every to everybody, you’re selling to nobody. Or, as Seth Godin says, “Everyone is not your customer.”

Discover Your Dream Client is both a book and a workbook that helps you define your Target Personas to help guide you to attracting, engaging and selling to the right people.

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Discover Your Dream Clients




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