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Discover Your Dream Clients and Profit


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It would be like selling refrigerators to Eskimos!

There are many keys to Website Success, but two of the primary keys are creating an offer that converts and then exposing that content to qualified audiences.

If you're offering something that nobody wants, they're not going to buy!

If your offer doesn't convince them that your offer is best, even though they have a need, they're not going to buy!

And even if your offer is wonderful and affordable, but doesn't really apply to the audience you're showing it to, they're not going to buy!

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Best Ways to Find Customers

But what if you knew what levers to pull or what things to say that increased the chance of making a sales?

And what if you knew where your prospects were hanging out and where you could listen to them talk and where you could engage them, without being all 'salesy?'

Do you think your Conversion Rate (and income) would go up?


Discover Your Dream Clients Questions

But to make that happen, you'd need to know your prospects really well.

What problem are they trying to fix?

What do they need, or even more importantly, what do they WANT?

How much do they know about the product or service they want an that you provide?

And at least a dozen more! Maybe another 100, depending on your market niche.

discover your dream clients and profit

Discover Your Dream Clients Definition

Have you ever heard someone say, "If you're marketing to everyone, you're marketing to nobody?" I've heard many small business and entrepreneurial founders say it.

Truthfully, it has been shown that that approach doesn't work.

They don't try to appeal to everyone, but because if you're selling to everyone, you're selling to nobody. It's a waste of time, money and resources.

Only a small percentage of people will buy your offer any day, and correspondingly, the vast majority of people will never buy your offer (or mine). Ever!

So the quickest path to sales success is to focus on the audiences who will resonate with your offer.

An offer that converts to an audience that converts.

Successful copywriters succeed because they understand what is provoking their Dream Clients and they focus serving them in a precise manner.

They create Target Personas that describe their Target Audiences, and what motivates them using the verbiage their prospects use.

Madison Avenue is famous for studying their prospects very closely. Sometimes they ask a hundred questions or more for their Fortune 500 clients.

Discover Your Dream Clients Examples

discover your dream clients example

Discovering your Dream Clients examples include gender, age, location, occupation, income, likes, dislikes, education, interests and more.

Smaller companies don't need as much data, but even if you're a small manufacturer, a local retailer, a restaurant, a doctor or a non-profit organization, your business will benefit from having a more detailed understanding of, not only your DREAM CLIENTS, but also the PITAS you want to avoid at all costs.

Discovering Your Dream Clients shows you how to describe a dream client and use the information to structure your offers in ways that convert better.

Download the free companion workbook to answer the key questions about your Dream Clients. Find out where to listen to them and engage them and advertise to them.

How do I find my dream buyers guide?

Discovering Your Dream Clients eBook

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You'll be Discovering Your Dream Clients in Minutes!

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